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Featured Event: 3rd Annual Veterans Cup

May 9 @ 9am - 1pm

Welcome to Operation New Uniform

Many veterans are frustrated by the lack of real opportunities accessible to them after they transition from the military. Although educated, trained and skilled, these veterans often find themselves less competitive in the professional marketplace compared to those on a more traditional path.

At Operation New Uniform we understand these challenges, even faced them ourselves, and are prepared to address them in a team environment built by a strong infrastructure of successful professionals. We focus on changing strategies, growing confidence, gaining skills and getting results. We offer training and development programs, resources and professional networks in our relentless pursuit of the professional success of the veterans we serve.

Veterans understand tactics better than anyone. At Operation New Uniform™, we embrace a corporate culture of TACTICS to guide our efforts and reach our goals.

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ONU Veterans regain confidence through classroom training and coaching.


ONU inserts Veterans into the business community and a network of supporters.


ONU Veterans obtain fulfilling careers and have success after service.

ONU Veteran Success Story

“After 16 months of no job I felt all beat up and exhausted and didn’t know what to do next. I didn’t really know what I was doing wrong because I didn’t even get one interview out of all the resumes that I sent out. I asked for help. Now after doing the full [ONU] course, they taught us all these great things not just about improving the employment part but my life overall improved, even my confidence and my relationship with my children. One of the greatest things is getting a career out of this. I am grateful to everyone who is making this program happen, because without it I would not be where I am at right now. I am hoping this company will be able to grow more to help more Veterans out there like me. ONU is life changing for me, giving me a second chance at life.”

News & Events

Class 29 Kick-Off

March 13, 2019

Class 29 Graduation

April 05, 2019

Quarterly Alumni Mixer

April 11, 2019

Class 30 Kick-Off

May 15, 2019


ONU's Class 30 Graduated on Friday, June 7, 2019 at CIT and we’re excited to see what these amazing veterans will do! ...

ONUs Class 30 Graduated on Friday, June 7, 2019 at CIT and we’re excited to see what these amazing veterans will do!
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Finding the Uniform

This comprehensive training program takes veterans through an in-depth system that starts with having the right attitude and focuses on successful behaviors and refined techniques applicable to a career search.

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Enhancing the Uniform

This program opens doors and removes the barriers between the veterans, their families, and the variety of skills and resources that are available to them throughout their communities.

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