LCDR (ret.) David N. Trenholm, of Rockford Illinios, Enlisted in the Navy in June of 1995. After completion of Boot camp at Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes Illinois, LCDR (ret.) Trenholm checked into Yoemen “A” school at NAS Merdian MS. In January of 1996, then YNSA Trenholm, checked into his first Command at VFA-106 Gladiators at NAS Cecil Field FL. LCDR (ret.) Trenholm was selected for the BOOST program in 1998 and left for New Port, RI. LCDR (ret.) Trenholm graduated from Florida State University, in 2003, where he earned a Double Bachelors of Science in Finance and Real Estate

Tell us about your service & your experience with Operation New Uniform

  • Cohort Class: 32
  • The organization you’re working with, if any:
    • ONU, O2O, Vets on Tap, Vets2Industry, Veterati
  • Branch of service:
    • United States Navy
  • What was your rank:
    • LCDR O-4 (ret.)
  • Where did you serve:
    • Jacksonville FL, Norfolk VA, San Antonio TX, New Port RI. Deployed to Bahrain, Turkey, Japan, El Salvadore
  • Tell me about a couple of your most memorable experience(s):
    • I have been able to see the defeat of ISS twice, once off the coast of Libya, and while flying overland Syria and Iraq with the end of the Califate. I have been blessed to fly in several Navy aircraft, a couple of times when I was a junior Enlisted in an F/A-18D and a T-34C when I was 18-19 years old and then again after being designated a Naval Flight Officer NFO. Along with mentoring numerous sailors.
  • Do you recall the day your service ended? What did you do in the days and weeks afterward? :
    • It was not that big of a deal because while on Terminal, I was already transitioning to a new life.
  • Did you work or go back to school?
    • I started at A. Harold and Associates (AHA) while on terminal leave until my position at Bank of America opened up.
  • At what point in your journey did you join Operation New Uniform?
    • I started ONU while on terminal leave prior to getting my job at AHA and landing the interview and career at BofA.
  • What did you go on to do as a career after your service?
    • I was accepted to the Global Technology and Operation Military Development Program. A paid 2-year internship that rotates 1 year in Ops and 1 year in Tech before finding your permanent spot in the bank.
  • How has your service and experiences affected your life?
    • It has helped me come from nothing and become something. I received an education and experience through the Navy that has bettered my life and the legacy I hope to leave behind me.
  • What would you say to someone hesitant about utilizing the resources that we offer at Operation New Uniform?
    • It is the most important thing one should do to land the interview and career you want. Its biggest advantage is helping the headspace and giving confidence back to those who have no hope in the future and can not see through the clouds. ONU brings you above the clouds so that you can see clearly.

More about David Trenholm’s Service :

LCDR (ret.) Trenholm attended flight school in Pensacola, Florida from 2003-2004 while assigned to the VT-4 Warbucks with follow on training at the 562nd Flying Training Squadron at Randolf AFB in San Antonio TX where he earned his “Wings of Gold” in April 2005.  He was selected to his first fleet aircraft, the P-3C Orion, and reported to training at Patrol Squadron 30 located at NAS Jacksonville, FL.

In January of 2006, LCDR (ret.) Trenholm reported to his first operational aviation assignment VP-5 Mad Foxes at NAS Jacksonville, FL. During his time at VP-5 he completed one tri-site deployment to Djibouti, Sigonella, and El Salvador flying over 500 mishap-free hours and directly contributing in the seizure of more than $100 million in narcotics. He also completed one 7th Fleet deployment flying over 500 mishap-free hours. While attached to VP-5 he served as the Legal Officer, Readiness Officer, and AW Training Division Officer and qualified as NAV/COMM NATOPS Instructor, Instructor TACCO and Mission Commander.

In March of 2009, LCDR (ret.) Trenholm checked in to CPRW-11 Weapons and Tactics Unit (WTU) where he served as a Legal Officer, Warfare Development Division Officer, Training Division Officer. During his time at CPRW-11 WTU he was responsible for developing training curriculum and implantation of training to over 150 students and qualified over 30 Combat Air Crews in the P-3C Orion.

In October of 2011, LCDR (ret.) Trenholm reported to USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN-69) where he served as the OI Division Officer, Search and Rescue Officer, Full Motion Video Officer, Common Tactical Picture Manager, and quailed as a Tactical Action Officer (TAO) and Aircraft Launch and Recovery Officer (SHOOTER). He conducted two deployments to the 5th Fleet AOR in support of Operations ENDURING FREEDOM and a Battle “E”.

In August of 2013, LCDR (ret.)  Trenholm checked into CPRW-11 Det FSU-5 where he completed 3 EUCOM deployments amassing over 750 flight hour providing accurate and crucial ISR&T to the FIFTH, and SIXTH Fleet Commanders in support of Operations INHERENT RESOLVE. He served as the Maintenance Officer, Admin Officer, Training Officer, and Operations Officer during his time at FSU-5.

After being selected for Operational Training Department Head, LCDR (ret.) Trenholm reported to TACRON 22 in January 2016 where he served as the Operations Officer, Training Officer, Admin Officer, and Detachment Plans Officer, and qualified as a (TACCWO). He deployed with onboard the USS WASP (LHD-1) to FIFTH and SIXTH Fleet in support of Operation ODYSSEY LIGHTING. He also deployed aboard the USS IWO JIMA (LHD-7) in support of Hurricane relief due to Hurricane Irma and Matthew.

For his twilight tour, LCDR (ret.) Trenholm reported to CPRW-11 Det FSU-5 July of 2018 where he served as the Maintenance Officer and Detachment Officer-in-Charge of a deployment to FIFTH Fleet and SEVENTH Fleet.

LCDR (ret.) Trenholm has accumulated more than 2,250 flight hours in the mighty P-3C Orion aircraft.  His personal decorations include the Air Medal (2 Awards), Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal (3 Awards), Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (3 Awards) and numerous Campaign, Service and Unit awards.

Personal Life :

LCDR (ret.) Trenholm is married to the beautiful Danielle Trenholm of Monticello, FL and together they have 2 children; Sean 18, and Kady, 13.

Current :

As of 2020 David now works for Bank of America the Global Technology and Operations Military Development Program and currently works in the Business Support department of the Wealth Management and Banking Operations department.

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