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Cohorts 14

Cohort 14 Veterans

Graduation Pictures – August 3rd, 2016 at Florida Blue

Cohort 14 at Graduation

Cohort 14 at Graduation

Back Row (L to R): Printess Pritchard, Sarah Howard, Rechetta Tyson, Carlotta BeverlyFront Row (L to R): John Phillips, Roch Schwarz, Jeff Cokley, Ski Munford

Veteran Name


Years of Service


Carlotta Beverly  Army  27 Bachelor’s Degree:
Criminal Justice/Sociology
Jeff Cokley  Navy  20 Bachelor’s Degree:
Workforce Education/Development
Sarah Howard  Navy  9 Bachelor’s Degree:
Ski Munford  Navy  30 Bachelor’s Degree:
Professional Aeronautics
John Phillips  Army  21 Bachelor’s Degree:
Business Management
Printess Pritchard  Navy  8 Bachelor’s Degree:
Business Management
Jeff “Roch” Schwarz  Navy  13 Bachelor’s Degree:
Civil Engineering
Masters of Military Studies
Rechetta Tyson  Army  5 MS Health Administration; MBA
Rikki Weber  Army Reserves  11