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Cohorts 16

Meet the Veterans of Cohort 16

Pictures from Cohort 16 Graduation on December 7, 2016 at the PGA TOUR

Left to Right: Jeff Townsend, Jewel Augustus, Yolande Goodman, James Jackson, Vincent Ford, Keary Schear, Chris Hancock, John Connors, Allan Amos Jr.

Veteran Name Branch Years of Service Education
Allan Amos Jr Army 36 Years Master’s Degree – Human Resources Development
Chris Hancock Navy 5 Years Master’s Degree – Healthcare Administration
James Jackson USMC 8 Years Technical Management – Project Management
Jeff Townsend Navy 20 Years Master’s Degree – Management (Integrated Logistics)
Jewel Augustus Navy 10 Years Master’s of Business Administration
John Connors Navy 20 Years Bachelor’s Degree – Criminal Justice
Keary Schear Navy 24 Years Bachelor’s Degree – Paralegal
Vincent Ford Navy 20 Years Master’s of Business Administration
Yolande Goodman USMC 5 Years Master’s Degree – Creative Writing