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First and foremost, I would like to thank God for without him always keeping me in his arms I would have never entered the doors of Operation New Uniform. Walking into the doors of ONU, I was excited, nervous, skeptical but most importantly I did not want to be late so I scouted out the office the day prior so I would not be. I walked in here and literally these last three and a half weeks have been a life changer for me. ONU acknowledges our military accomplishments but then in a holistic approach prepares us to shed that uniform off and don our new business attire with confidence, pride, humbleness, and determination.

Operation New Uniform is not just a military transition program like many that are out there just to accumulate numbers. ONU, takes a military veteran by the hand literally and just polishes the diamond that we already are by having us really look in the mirror and shed all that head trash, that uniform and whatever role we played within the military. Now we can truly see ourselves, all that we can bring to any organization and most importantly our purpose.

To those vets sitting out there feeling lost, I say to you that you have so much more to offer, come to ONU so they can bless you with seeing that. ONU family Larry Ward, Michele, Kim, Fergie, Pat, Dayton, Maggie, Ashley, all the guest speakers that blessed us with their knowledge and time, and fellow Class 37 classmates thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Tracey Chastine | Class 37

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During my time at ONU, I have grown professionally and personally. The organized approach to finding a career is well through out by the principles of the Sandler Training Program.

The program takes you out of your comfort zone and builds your confidence through practice and practical exercises. It does not work unless you put in the effort in and out of the classroom. The principles can be utilized in all aspects of your life; between the up-front contract to the pain funnel. Understanding and applying the fundamentals WILL aid you in your search for a CAREER. The instructors are much more than just teachers, they are personalized life coaches. A special thanks is owned to Kim, Michele, Pat, and Fergie. These individuals have a personal interest in each students' unique circumstances and take personal time to aid them in their endeavors. On multiple occasions, I have sought out additional guidance and mentorship from Michele and Kim, to which they are more than willing to take time out of their busy lives to help me.

An outstanding program with an excellent staff! I was able to secure a promising career in the construction industry working for Inland Pipe Rehabilitation as a Technical Operations Manager. If it were not for the instructors, the program, and my fellow classmates, this would not have been possible. I would highly recommend this program to any veteran that is transition out of the military to find their next career. I will stay connected with ONU and the staff as to aid future ONU alumni in their career search! God speed and good luck to you.

Justin Kubu | Class 37

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For veterans dealing with post-separation frustrations, it may seem impossible to find a strategy that works in the hiring process journey. Operation New Uniform creates business professionals with their divine curriculum – by showing “you do not have to transition alone.”

They go above and beyond, showing with specificity how to target the companies and people you want to be aware of you. Michele and her dedicated staff are relentless in the desire to help veterans move forward in their career growth and goals. You will find the ONU Family entertaining enough to make sessions flyby; the tutorials alone deserve special mention.

I am privileged to be one of a *selected few* who can vouch that they are not churning out fabrications coupled with false hope and opaque illusions. It is a Great HONOR to Be Part of the ONU Alumni!

Robert Perez | Class 37