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Finding the Uniform

This comprehensive training program takes veterans through an in-depth process that starts with challenging old ways of thinking, having the right attitude, and providing the successful behaviors and refined techniques critical to an effective career search. The program escalates through practical application until the final lesson when each veteran stands before area human resource representatives and senior executives ready to apply their skills.

Enhancing the Uniform

The Enhancing the Uniform team is a group of professionals fully dedicated to mentoring veterans through the process of obtaining a career position after graduation from the Finding the Uniform program. And as a veteran’s career progresses, they’re ready and able to support other veterans along the way.

Mission Forward

Mission Forward is a comprehensive program that works with businesses to provide enhanced resources aimed at helping ONU alumni liaise within select organizations to identify opportunities that help them identify their desired careers goals post-graduation. Resources include volunteering, job shadowing, mentoring, internship opportunities and more.