Is this like the transition program I attended when I left the military?

The short answer is no.  While the Finding the Uniform program does cover some of the same topics that may be covered in a DOD transition program, Operation New Uniform™’s trains according to a proven system and provides the necessary accountability following graduation.

What are some of the companies that ONU veterans work with?

Operation New Uniform™ Veterans have been fortunate to find employment with numerous companies within Jacksonville.  Some of those companies are Haskell, Florida Blue, Black Knight, Web.com, Baptist Health, and Johnson & Johnson Vision

What is the success rate of this program?

Approximately 97% of active Veterans are currently in career positions.  This rate fluctuates slightly as more Veterans graduate and enter the market.

What kind of positions do ONU Veterans obtain after the program?

The great majority of ONU veterans are currently in salaried, professional positions.  Operation New Uniform™ specifically targets and markets our Veterans to employers that properly value a veteran’s experience.

Will ONU place me in a position at a company?

Operation New Uniform™ is not a “job placement” service.   We provide the necessary skills and facilitate the opportunity for Veterans to obtain a career through their own value and effort.

What does this program cost?

Operation New Uniform™’s programs are completely FREE to the Veterans we serve.

What are the selection criteria?

Every program applicant goes through an extensive process designed to identify Veterans who are most ready to receive and apply Operation New Uniform™’s demanding training.  However, an Honorable Discharge is required.

How long is the program?

The program run three-and-a-half weeks, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:30 to 12:00.

What are some of the topics?

The Finding the Uniform program covers the entire career transition process, from identifying a career field to negotiating salary.  Some of the topics include networking techniques, interview techniques, and creating a career plan.

Who are the trainers?

All of Operation New Uniform™’s trainers are Veterans who have experienced and overcome the challenges of successfully transitioning, as well as various guest speakers from the business community.